The Need for WiPM

WiPM is a nonprofit organization purposed to support, connect and empower our PM peers nationwide. Together we promote and improve the project management industry through education, certification, events and collaboration.

WiPM embodies the mantra,
Lift As We Climb.

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Dear Women in Project Management members,

October signals the finish of our second year of non-profit work in the project management industry. We have many things to be grateful for; our health, modern technology, and the world’s recalibration of priorities in the face of a frighteningly persistent virus.

 Unfortunately, the lifecycle of our non-profit has been influenced by the pandemic. We are writing to remind you of the positive influence your membership has had on the project management industry. 

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Education Scholarships

Academic Scholarship
First Half 2021

The WiPM Academic Scholarship Program is designed to financially assist qualified people who wish to study at Registered Education Providers.

WiPM believes that the foundation for the scholarships is based on how the applicant best utilizes the education component.

The Academic Scholarship is available to sponsor at the Naming, Presenting and Scholarship Levels.

The Professional Development Scholarship
Back Half 2020

Industries are constantly changing. Continuing education is required for workers to stay current with the latest developments, skills, and new technologies required for their fields. The WiPM professional development scholarship was created in honor of Elizabeth Dahan, Emeritus, who donates her time with the Job Seekers Network, and LinkedIn Local Austin, to help mid-career professionals add to their skill set and stay current.

Workforce Re-Entry Award
First Half 2021

The stress of paying for essential training should never hinder a successful professional re-entry.

Re-Entry Funding is available for anyone looking to return to a profession in project management. Candidates may have paused their career to raise children or stepped away from the workforce to indulge a new endeavor.

Tell us your story to qualify for funding.

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Apply for one of 2 PMP/CAPM certifications we are sponsoring for our members each year!

Scholarship Winners


Another WiPM Scholarship Winner!

Dear Women in Project Management members, We are delighted to bring you good news. We awarded our First Half 2021 Academic ...

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Finally! Some good news!

Dear Women in Project Management members, We are delighted to bring you good news. We awarded our Q4 2020 Professional Development ...

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  • I met Kimberly through PM! Austin's PMP/CAPM Study Group Meetup. Kimberly facilitated a group of up to 15 aspiring PMPers every week, providing discussion topics, quizzes and study material. During my time studying with the group, she was able showcase her mastery of PMBOK methodologies and share her knowledge in an engaging and relatable way. I firmly believe that I would not have passed this difficult exam on the first try if it were not for this study group and Kimberly's guidance. If you are looking to pass, do yourself a favor and consult with Kimberly.

  • I appreciated my first session with the group • immensely. It's a small group where you can ask questions, are challenged and get to think (out loud) about the exam and how to tackle it. I'll def go back. (see you on Thursday!).

  • Thank you for breaking this material down into a more conceptually understandable pieces. The group leaders have provided me the confidence to walk into Austin, Prometric testing facility feeling much better prepared for the PMP exam.

  • Chris and Kimberley have done a great job mentoring and training ' individuals to take the PMP /CAPM exam. They lead a work study group that meets once a week on Thursdays with material and a lesson plan. They challenge you to think to view the PMP material from a different perspective. This group was key in helping me to get certified for the PMP. Thank you for all what you do Beatriz!