It's Who We Are

Published September 24th, 2019 by Women In Management

Perhaps it's because our neurological make-up lends itself to tending to the needs of a tribe. It could be because a high percentage of our species simply gravitates toward - and excels at -relationship-based work. The informational net-net is that we ladies possess a unique set of talents and traits that suits the profession well. Project Management is in our genes.

Why then does data indicate there are significantly fewer women than men in managerial positions in the area of project management?

As I veer dangerously close to the quicksand of current social discourse surrounding gender inequality, allow me to clarify.

WiPM is not a podium for evangelism or discussing cultural woes. The founders of Women in Project Management dedicate their work and their passion to promoting women in project management roles. This demands behaving authentically, thinking beyond individual ambition to break new ground, and steering intentions toward the future of the industry.

There is an effective platform for all causes and concerns. The WiPM platform is specifically constructed to create opportunities for - and lend support to - women interested in the project management field. Our nonprofit framework rests on the foundation of women empowering other women and increasing female presence in the field of project management.

Although there is no proof that women make better project managers than men, there is an argument to be made that the skillset of a rock star PM coincidentally aligns with those that are invariably hardwired for women: interpersonal communication, multitasking, process orientation, analytical thinking, high emotional IQ, diplomacy, and mad skills in herding cats.

For those of you that were born this way, I invite you to enjoy the benefits of membership in WiPM. We subscribe to iterative female evolution and we are here to execute upon women's value in the broad landscape of project management.

For those of you who are proponents of sustaining a positive environment for women in the field, I invite you to be a part of our efforts by joining the WiPM mission of supporting women project managers in your organization.

As Janine Garner, author of From Me To We shared, “When women come together to support one another, it creates a powerful space for collaboration, innovation and the collective advancement of our society."


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