• I met Kimberly through PM! Austin's PMP/CAPM Study Group Meetup. Kimberly facilitated a group of up to 15 aspiring PMPers every week, providing discussion topics, quizzes and study material. During my time studying with the group, she was able showcase her mastery of PMBOK methodologies and share her knowledge in an engaging and relatable way. I firmly believe that I would not have passed this difficult exam on the first try if it were not for this study group and Kimberly's guidance. If you are looking to pass, do yourself a favor and consult with Kimberly.

    Sara Harney,PMP
    Program Manager
  • I appreciated my first session with the group • immensely. It's a small group where you can ask questions, are challenged and get to think (out loud) about the exam and how to tackle it. I'll def go back. (see you on Thursday!).

    Steph Lewis
  • Thank you for breaking this material down into a more conceptually understandable pieces. The group leaders have provided me the confidence to walk into Austin, Prometric testing facility feeling much better prepared for the PMP exam.

    Mike Chapa
  • Chris and Kimberley have done a great job mentoring and training ' individuals to take the PMP /CAPM exam. They lead a work study group that meets once a week on Thursdays with material and a lesson plan. They challenge you to think to view the PMP material from a different perspective. This group was key in helping me to get certified for the PMP. Thank you for all what you do Beatriz!

    Bea Dulzaides